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We prevent and detect fraud and abuse and promote efficiency and effectiveness of the programs and operations of the City of New Orleans.

Departments & Staff

The New Orleans Office of Inspector General (OIG) was established in 2006 by City Code Ordinance §2-1120 pursuant to Section 9-401 of the Home Rule Charter. The OIG serves the citizens of New Orleans and provides independent and objective reporting to the Mayor, City Council, and New Orleans residents. Our mission is to prevent fraud and abuse, and to promote efficiency and effectiveness in City operations and programs. The New Orleans OIG is functionally composed of Legal Affairs and Administration; Government Performance, which includes the Division of Inspection and Evaluation; Government Integrity, which includes the Investigations and Audit Divisions.

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Legal Affairs and Administration

The General Counsel provides legal counsel for the OIG. The General Counsel reviews all OIG work products for legal accuracy. The General Counsel heads a support staff that includes an office manager and administrative assistant.

  • Elizabeth Foreman, Office Manager
  • Bobbie Jones, IT Security Specialist
  • Michael Laughlin, General Counsel

Government Performance

The Inspection and Evaluation Division’s goal is to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and accountability of city programs, agencies, and operations. To accomplish that goal, evaluators conduct independent, objective, empirically based, and methodologically sound inspections, evaluations, and performance reviews. The Division’s work products, intended for program managers, policy makers, and the public, use clear language and visual representations of data and processes to communicate findings and recommendations intended to help city government achieve the highest possible standards of performance.

Inspections and Evaluations Division
  • Meghan Ragany, Evaluator
  • Patrice Rose, Evaluator

All inspections, evaluations, and reviews are conducted in accordance with the Association of Inspectors General Principles and Standards for Offices of Inspector General (Green Book).

Government Integrity

Government Integrity includes the Investigations and Audit Divisions. The Investigations Division conducts preliminary investigations into potential fraud, waste, and abuse stemming from a number of sources: credible allegations; evidence uncovered through OIG audits, inspections, and evaluations; documentary evidence; or indicators resulting from computer-aided data analyses. Investigators refer evidence of fraudulent activity to the appropriate authorities for prosecution. The Division also prevents fraud and abuse by conducting fraud awareness seminars and other communications with city employees, businesses, and citizens.

The Audit Division conducts financial audits, attestations, and performance audits of city programs and operations. Audit engagements test for appropriate internal controls and compliance with laws, regulations, or other requirements. The Audit Division issues reports containing findings and recommendations for improvements. The Division also advises the City of New Orleans on developing sound management information and financial reporting systems designed to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthen city programs and operations.

Investigations Division
  • William Bonney, Deputy Inspector General of Investigations
  • Michael Centola, Chief of Criminal Investigations
  • Kenneth Petro, Investigator
  • Terence Barrett, Investigator
  • Troy Chenevert, Investigator

All investigations are conducted in accordance with the Association of Inspectors General Principles and Standards for Offices of Inspector General (Green Book).

Audit Division

  • Andrew Berkheimer, Forensic Auditor
  • Dan Pattison, Forensic Auditor

The Audit and Review Division follows the Government Auditing Standards issued by the United States Government Accountability Office (Yellow Book) in addition to the Association of Inspectors General Principles and Standards for Offices of Inspector General (Green Book).