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We prevent and detect fraud and abuse and promote efficiency and effectiveness of the programs and operations of the City of New Orleans.

New Orleans firefighter pension fund improves after years of dubious investments, report finds Matt Sledge


After years of losing money on risky ventures, the New Orleans firefighters pension fund is making sounder investments, according to a new report from Inspector General Ed Michel’s office.

Yet while it’s climbing out of its financial hole, the pension fund still hasn’t met all of its promises in a 2015 legal settlement with the city over funding, such as creating an advisory board and providing semi-annual reports to the City Council, the IG said.


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Pothole repairs take over 200 days to complete in New Orleans on average, officials report Olivia Vidal


NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - The city of New Orleans took at least six months on average to resolve most pothole complaints while other service requests remained pending indefinitely, according to a new report from the Office of Inspector General.

According to the OIG’s findings, the city’s response to thousands of pothole service requests was “significantly slower” than other cities. Laura Maneaux, a New Orleans resident, says the problem is a “pain in the butt.”


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OIG analysis shows New Orleans’ response to potholes the slowest of any other metro city in the U.S.  Gabbii King


Analysis of NOLA-311 pothole data revealed that the city of New Orleans’ response to pothole-related service requests was significantly slower than that of other metropolitan areas around the country, the Office of the Inspector General said Thursday.

According to the data, on average the Department of Public Works took 204 days to resolve service requests to repair potholes, while other service requests were left pending indefinitely.


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Want that pothole on your block fixed? Here's how long repairs typically take in New Orleans Matt Sledge

Filling potholes that shake, rattle and roll drivers has often been viewed as one of the most basic functions of city government.

But in New Orleans, it takes an average of 204 days before the Department of Public Works paves over potholes reported through 311, according to a report released Thursday by Inspector General Ed Michel. Only a quarter of complaints are resolved within a month. Another quarter of complaints take more than a year to be dealt with.

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FBI targets five NOPD cops in probe of timesheets - John Simerman

They are among 30 officers who are subjects of an investigation by NOPD, the New Orleans Office of Inspector General or the Office of Independent Police Monitor, according to the city. At least eight of those officers signed stipulated agreements in December, accepting short suspensions to avoid a drawn-out probe.

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SWB employees caught abusing handicapped parking — again

WWL-TV Investigations - Mike Perlstein

Despite the previous exposure and crackdowns, Channel 4 caught one employee as recently as last week parked all day using the handicapped tag of a dead person, even though internal documents show she had been warned weeks earlier along with 16 other employee violators.

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